Project Privacy

πŸ”’ Configure metadata access and privacy by Project

Since isabl_web@0.3.23 and isabl_api@1.1.0 isabl supports project privacy.

Projects now have an icon πŸ”’ or :share: next to their title, that will show if a project is private πŸ”’ or public , respectively.

And this will be blue and active if the current user can modify its sharing permissions. When clicking the icon a modal to modify sharing settings will open:

This will allow to configure which users can view and who can share permissions:

  • By default: every superuser and the project owner can always view and share. And change the project visibility (Public/Private).

  • The ones that can view can see all project metadata, experiments, analyses, submissions, etc.

  • The ones that can share can modify the project settings, by adding new users to view and/or share.

Similarly, a Project's Sharing Settings can be optionally defined when creating a new project. It will be public always by default (In the screenshot shows private to show the available options in the form when private is selected).

What metadata can be private?

In practical terms, the metadata of any model (Individual, Sample, Aliquot, Submission, Analysis) linked to an Experiment that belongs exclusively to private Projects, it will look like if it doesn't exist in the database for a user that doesn't have access to any of those private projects.


There are 5 samples, where some belong to Project 1 (πŸ”’Private) and Project 2 (πŸ“– Public)

  • An user with access to the private Project 1 will see all the Experiments with the following Individual Tree:

  • An user without access to the private Project 1 will see only see the Experiments that belong to the public Project 2 , with the following Individual Tree:

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